• Ladder Stay

    Designed to keep the top end of the ladder 300mm away from a solid surface, to assist in painting, glazing and general maintinace.

    Easy to attach and detach, suitable for: domestic, trade and industrial use.


    1 Day 2 Days Weekend Week
    £4.30 £6.40 £6.40 £8.10
  • Ladder Safety • Working At Heights • Harness Training & Inspection

    Courses are available to cover all aspects of working at height, ladder use and use and inspection of safety harnesses and other fall arrest methods. Normally each would be a ½ day course, but it is possible to structure courses to match specific requirements.

    A practical session is included to demonstrate the safe setting up and use of ladders and steps and to demonstrate the correct fitting and use of harnesses.

    The course can be taken at Project training facility at Bulwer Avenue or on-site by arrangement.

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